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10,000 guests

at any moment in time Serviced with ease and expertise

50+ new styles

debut annually as Older styles are retired

over 1000

of most items in stock We plan big, so you can, too

And if an event needs still more, we’ll add to our inventory. Our pleasure!

the showroom
no one wants to leave.

  • Enter the Que showroom with a wisp of an idea, or perhaps not even that. Browse a selection you never thought could exist. Rich linens that dazzle and muted colors that soothe. Hundreds of designer dishes in traditional and trendy lines. Exotic plates shaped as orbits, exclamation points, frying pans. And more.
  • The enormous selection will inspire, not overwhelm. With an expert planner at your side, you’ll settle on the perfect tableware and linens to match the ambiance, color, and menu at your event.
  • Welcome each guest to a fresh space. Bid farewell amidst the glow of a truly memorable event.

that keeps everyone comfortable.

  • With so much effort expended to make each guest feel cherished, you want to be sure that no guest speaker, grandparent, or overseas guest feels uncertain about whether the dishes meet their stringent kashrus standards.

  • Que caters to the highest standard:
  • Kosher Certified by KJK (Vaad Hakashrus of KJ) and Rabbi Yechiel Steinmetz
  • Every carton is sealed with Kosher certification of dairy or meat
  • Separate milchig and fleishig tableware and processing areas
  • For private rentals, food must be provided by a caterer recognized by our certification agencies
Impeccable service
on the big day.

  • We know your day-of to-do list is long enough. Picking up, counting, and checking your Que Rental order will not be your headache. Rest assured, whether you’re hosting a home anniversary dinner or a weekend in the Marriot, you’ll enjoy white-glove delivery and service.
  • Que’s proud to offer:
  • Early delivery and next-day pick up (free in Monsey and its environs)
  • Polite, accommodating delivery personnel (retrained every 6 months)
  • Orders double-checked for accuracy, carefully packed and labelled
  • Immaculate, hand-inspected tableware, down to the last fork

The Que Story
starts with Quality.

  • This is more than the success story of one business. It’s the repeatable journey of a business sworn to quality. It’s the story of our company—but possibly your company, too. And we’re honored to be part of your success.


Aquality Party and Linens began in a home basement, with 50 gold brocade tablecloths and 500 napkins. the rich, durable linens made a lasting impression.


With the addition of dishes, AQuality moved up from the basement - to a 360 SF garage, and then added a 400 SF unit. Small steps, but significant.


With the business showing plenty of promise, they relocated to a 2,000 SF warehouse in Spring Valley.


Four expansions later, the facilities now stand at 12,000 SF, including the warehouse, processing areas, and showroom.


encompassing it’s many angles, the company rebranded as Que Rentals. With 15+ employees and a fleet of 6 trucks, Que delivers excellence, as promised.

Our next move:

Making your affair a success!

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